Feb 27, 2019

Charbel & Magda

Traditional Greek & Brazilian Summer Wedding
Photographer /Cinematographer
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Full Greek Ceremony

What does an Orthodox wedding in rural Florida with a Greek groom and a Brazilian bride look like? Charbel and Magda showed us! It was beautiful. We could not believe what a vision she was as she got out of the car, but hoped she’d get indoors soon, since it was a very warm summer day! Saint Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church in Land O’Lakes hosted, as friends and family gathered to celebrate this new family. Then all hiked down to Acropolis Greek Taverna in St. Petersburg, for dancing, cake-cutting, and festivities.

It was a doubly exciting day for us, as we continue to add the number of camera angles in video shoots, trying for that cinematic, but lifelike effect. We want you to feel like you’re there—that you’re another guest! We always keep in mind that these films and photos can be seen for generations to come. Everyone is welcome! We were able, as well, to hone our new 2-8hr affordable packages. Our usual all-day coverage can push 12 or more hours, and result in a truly epic amount of content, but we love to be available for all. We fit in a lot!

First Dance & Cake Cutting

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